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I am innocence destructing

If at first you don't succeed, use cheat codes

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  • saeva@livejournal.com
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This journal has experienced a resurrection and will once again be used actively. Or, at least, as actively as it ever was.

My writings, joint or solo, can be found here, at FictionAlley.org under the author names "Ambika" and "Proserpina", or at skyehawke.com's archive under "Koanju and Saeva".

I also make graphics, including icons, banners, and wallpapers occasionally. An archive of my work previous to September 1st, 2011 can be found at my old icon journal nihil_est. All new graphics will be posted to lightningfields along with new fic, new vids, and other creative endeavors. If you're using any of those icons or plan to use any of those icons, please comment on my latest post to tell me or, at least, credit me in the keywords. Resource credit can be found in the first post at nihil_est.