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The mods who run vividcon are made of a truly impressive amount of awesome and when I was forced to submit my Vividcon premiere vid over a week late due to a pressing health issue they managed to find room for the (very) late vid despite that in the Also Premiering show.

Next year I hope to manage my time better and have my premiere vid submitted well ahead of time. Regardless, I did submit a vidlet and, as is traditional, here I am posting it post-VVC.

VVC 2011 Premiere:
Title: Another Version of the Truth
Fandom: Heroes
Music: Nine Inch Nails [with editing by me]
Length: 1:07
Summary: Inspired by danegen's SPN vid Dead. Another Version of the Truth is a stream-of-consciousness examination of the choices Sylar made, and didn't make, in order to become the "*technically* I'm a serial killer" character he became.

Download: 12.5MB WMV @ MegaUpload

Stream: Vimeo streaming will replace YT when it becomes available. Until then...

Comments welcome.

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