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In which I pretend I'm on the internet and not eaten by final papers...

It's finals season here at Mills, also known as Doom and Death, but I'm in almost, sort of, halfway ahead in what I'm doing (or, rather, I'm not doing it all the night before which is practically the same thing). So, I thought I'd take a break out to update my journal or at least to link to some things of interest.

I'm still taking icon requests here. I'm being slow on them but I'm taking them.

My latest icon post is here. It has The 4400 icons. I thought that was nifty at least.

I'm linking to two lims here, which you should check out if you even if you don't icon make. A lot of interesting icons come out of LIMS that take weeks or months to make it into actual icon posts and these contests could always use more voters. First, there's heroic_lims and, second, there's milo_lims. You can tell what's eaten my brain aside from finals and Supernatural.

Obviously I'm still requesting critique over here on my "Veronica Mars as film noir" paper. Major spoilers for season one and vague spoilers up through the first half of season three.

You should check out this discussion on the addressing of race in source material. It's Friday Night Lights-centric and has spoilers for episodes 115 and 116, but I think the discussion raises questions that are important all over fandom even if I don't agree with the conclusions of the OP.

This is semi-icon related. I've been contemplating doing another meta piece, similar to the one I did here but tackling different issues. Would anyone be interested in seeing that and, if so, what about iconning are you curious about?

Otherwise, I'm soon to have much more time so are there any meta topics anyone on my flist would like to see me tackle? I'm up for ideas.

Lastly, for my Visual Psychology project I tackled making (or, rather, modifying heavily) an LJ layout. I started with this layout by grrliz at thefulcrum and I ended up with this: saeva_as_a_girl. Hers was better but I'm content with what I have.

Now I have to finish editing up my Burke paper, do a write-up for the layout, and then I'm down to one more term paper and a final.

- Andrea.
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