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Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide author,

I am so very excited to be participating in Yuletide this year that, really, any story in any of my fandoms would be absolutely awesome. I said basically that in the notes included with my requests, along with some general sense of what I hope for. Those notes were rushed though as I was racing the deadline (and technically on the losing side of it -- the Yuletide gods had mercy, apparently). However, if you've come for some direction, let me try:

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I'm sure there's other awesome things I've forgotten to mention. The basic gist is I love all of these sources to teeny tiny bits so you really can't go wrong.

- Saeva
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The mods who run vividcon are made of a truly impressive amount of awesome and when I was forced to submit my Vividcon premiere vid over a week late due to a pressing health issue they managed to find room for the (very) late vid despite that in the Also Premiering show.

Next year I hope to manage my time better and have my premiere vid submitted well ahead of time. Regardless, I did submit a vidlet and, as is traditional, here I am posting it post-VVC.

VVC 2011 Premiere:
Title: Another Version of the Truth
Fandom: Heroes
Music: Nine Inch Nails [with editing by me]
Length: 1:07
Summary: Inspired by danegen's SPN vid Dead. Another Version of the Truth is a stream-of-consciousness examination of the choices Sylar made, and didn't make, in order to become the "*technically* I'm a serial killer" character he became.

Download: 12.5MB WMV @ MegaUpload

Stream: Vimeo streaming will replace YT when it becomes available. Until then...

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Comments welcome.
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About candied yams... and aliens.

[Me] I almost got sugar-free imitation honey, but then I decided that was probably against the laws of nature and god.
[Roommate] Yes! That is exactly what I would say! Don't do it, it was harvested from aliens!

A moment ago, she comes into the kitchen and continues the conversation:

[Roommate] Seriously. The bee population has been dropping. They have to get the honey from somewhere. It's alien bees!
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NANOWRIMO 2008 - Help me Obi-Wan Flist!

Is there anyone watching this journal who is either familar with the Pitch Black/Dark Fury/Chronicles of Riddick source or knows someone who is and would be willing to help me field my NaNoWriMo story for 2008?

It's set directly after the end of Chronicles of Riddick and is Kyra-centric. The Vaakos and the world of the Necromongers, along with the death of the Furyans, will also be explored. It's not a romance, primarily, but it does have a romance/sexual subplot (Riddick/Kyra) with dark themes and shades of "underage" and generational-difference sexuality (since Kyra is 16/17 in the story). The overall rating of the fic will either be heavy M(ature), mostly for violence, dark themes, and some sexuality or X(rated), for violence, dark themes, and explicit sexuality depending on which way I decide to go.

My Kyra (and Jack, for that matter) is a sociopath with violent and irrational/impulsive tendencies. She ended up in Crematoria not only because she killed the men who bought her as a slave but the mercs who slaved her, the mercs who happened to be around, and anyone else that got in her way or pissed her off. Her suspected kills reads like a laundry list of learning how to kill in interesting and inventive ways, along with a few escapes from single and double max slams, until she gets smarter and falls into a pattern in her killing (a serial pattern) but, eventually, is taken down by a merc team that bounties her to Crematoria. The total kill list is over one hundred, not counting the damage she did once inside Crematoria. Her only true emotional connection is to Riddick, who saved her and who she idolizes.

My Riddick is more mercenary. While he might enjoy a good hunt every once in awhile his killing is animalistic in the sense that it only occurs out of necessity for survival, not solely for enjoyment. He's killed many, some of which he didn't actually do but got blamed for, and he's been violent, cruel, and ruthless in a myriad of other ways but he was forced into being a killer and then forced into keeping it up. Regardless, he holds little to no interest in the human race and would happily see them all gone if it got him left alone. Kyra is the only living person he's affectionate about or interested in; everyone else is fodder.

If anyone would be willing, or knows someone willing, to be a sounding board I would be forever grateful. The hardest part about choosing a tiny fandom for NaNo is the feeling of being completely alone.
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Please !

There's an Icon Crit Meme happening right now and I'd really appreciate it if I got some concrit on my icons. Anything you have to say; I can take it. I feel like I've been struggling pretty hard lately [lately being "the last three to six months"] on how my icons look and if I'm just doing the same thing over and over because I'm comfortable with it. This would be a great time to give me some concrit and, look, it's completely anonymous. Yay. There's no chance of me hunting you down and going "But. Why?" in a moment of weakness. : ) Plus, if there's something you've been thinking, would like to suggest, but didn't want to risk hurting my feelings, now's the perfect opportunity.

Please concrit me! [Also, yes, those are Torchwood icons in my samples. I've got another fandom!]
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And I'm off! For those of you poked on IM, I'm leaving now. For those of you not, I'm going to be MIA-ish for the next four days as I drive across country. Not that I'm ever prompt, but please don't expect a prompt response if you contact me.

For my co-mods, I'll be settled in on Monday. If you're here about a LIMS deadline (though I *think* I have those all covered) then I'm using a skip this next week (LikeTheGun lims especially) or, oops, sorry!

I'll see everyone on the flip side, knock on wood.